Current Events 

Savko Jazz/Pop Contest 

The results are in

We would like to congratulate the following students who won the superior plus contest award this year:

Asia Brewer,

Bethany Klein,

Olivia Bentley,

Cecelia Tran,

Callie Armenta. 

Spring Virtual Piano Recital

All K-12 students are required to participate in our annual piano recital. It is time to celebrate our achievement this year. 

View our Recital Video here. 


It is time to sign up for summer lesson. Each 30 minute lesson is $32 and each 45 minute lesson is $48. A minimum of 4 lessons is required to hold your spot in Fall. No deposit is required. 

Recital (1).png

 I wrote a Basic Music Theory Course online. This course is suitable for students age 12 and up. It is free. Join the course free using this link. 

Outstanding/Achievement Awards

Congratulations to these following students who won the AMTA end of the year awards this year.


Outstanding Awards: Asia Brewer,

Bethany Klein, Olivia BentleyCecelia Tran, Callie Armenta, Lilly Klein.

Achievement awards: Victoria Conklin, James Irwin. 

More students judged events can be found on the AMTA website here. 
Piano Lesson