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Current Events 

Spring Recital May 22 (Sun) at 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.

We had a fun and successful in- person recital on May 22 (Sunday) at 4 p.m. There were 34 recitalists and more than half of them were first-time recitalists. 

Jazz/Pop Contest

Congratulations to Olivia Bentley for getting the first place in 8th-9th division. We also have a total of 10 students who got the superior plus rating and a chance to play in a honor recital. 

Recital (1).png

 I wrote a Basic Music Theory Course online. This course is suitable for students age 12 and up. It is free. Join the course free using this link. 

Summer Lessons Sign Up

Please use this link to sign up for summer lessons. 

Piano Lesson

Upcoming Events

Theory Test Feb. 4. 2023

8:30 a.m. level 1-3 & 6-9

10:00 a.m. level 4, 7, & 8

11:15 a.m., level 5 & 6

More students judged events can be found on the AMTA website here. 

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