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Current Events 

Spring Recital May 21 (Sun) at 3 p.m. - 4: 30 p.m.

Our popular-theme recital happened on May 21st (Sunday) at 3 p.m at Grand Prairie Seventh Day Adventist Church. We had 44 students performed in this recital. They all did an amazing job! I am especially impressed with many first recitalists, such as Isaac, Huy, Temi, Tito, Emily, and etc.

Upcoming Events

Summer Lesson June 5th

More students judged events can be found on the AMTA website here. 

Recital (1).png

 I wrote a Basic Music Theory Course online. This course is suitable for students age 12 and up. It is free. Join the course free using this link. 

Music Practice Application "LessonLink."

For my doctoral dissertation, I designed a music practice application for all piano students. This is an application students will use when they are doing independent practice. It will record students' practice sessions, allow them to view assignments and example video, track their progress, and be rewarded when they finish their weekly practice missions. 

To learn more about it, please view this video. 

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