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Studio Policy


- The monthly tuition is averaged for your convenience over 33- weeks of lessons with $38 per 30-minute lesson and $57 per 45-minute lesson during the school year (13 lessons in the Fall and 20 lessons in the Spring)

-$145/month for a weekly 30 min lesson. 

-$217.50/month for a weekly 45-minute lesson.

-The monthly fee will be prorated based on the dates the student is admitted.

-Tuition will be due in advance each month at the first lesson of that month. 

-If payment is not received before the second lesson of the month, a $10 late fee will be charged.

- Deposit ($76 for the 30 min lesson and $114 for 45 min lesson) and registration fee $20 are due upon sign up.

Missed Lesson Policy

- Students are expected to attend every lesson that they sign up for.

- There is no refund for missed lesson.

- If a student has to miss a lesson due to the his/her sickness or unforeseen emergency, a make-up lesson will be rescheduled at the discretion of the teacher

-If the teacher must miss a scheduled lesson, a make-up lesson will be given

Early Termination

Once registered, students are committed throughout the entire school year (from Sept to May) The monthly tuition is averaged for your convenience over 33- weeks lessons during school year (13 lessons in Fall, and 20 lessons in Spring). If students have to terminate the lessons during the school year,  two-weeks notification of termination is required, otherwise, the deposit will not be refunded.   

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