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Why learn to play an musical instrument?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

The ability to play music, express music, and create music is a wonderful gift that any parents can give to their children. Even though some people were born with more natural ability in music than the others, much like the subjects of science, language arts, and math, a student can learn in a school and gain the capability to become musical. Musical skills then are acquired rather than a talent born within. As a parent, I see music study and learning to play an instrument as part of the education that my child has to receive. While most schools nowadays have music classes in school, many of them do not teach any skill in playing an instrument until middle school or high school age. It is scientifically proven that playing a musical instrument helps fine motor development and brain development. If a child starts learning an instrument at a young age, not only will the child benefit in all these scientifically proven developments; the child can also master the instrument better and thus enrich his or her life and other people’s lives in many different ways.

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