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Why take Piano class during Summer?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Summer is not just about getting off from school and having vacation. For many households, summer is a best time to catch up things that you have delayed for a while. While children nowadays are busy with camps, vacation and family visitation during summer, it is also the best time to for them to learn to play an instrument and see if he or she is really interested in continuing taking lessons during the regular school year. Usually piano students are so busy preparing pieces to play for festivals, and competitions during fall or spring; summer offers the perfect opportunity for students to finally learn the piece they WANT to play, the piano skills they WANT to learn such as improvising, accompanying, composing, or making sound tracks with Garageband or other DAW. This studio offers flexible schedule for anyone who would like to take lesson in Summer. Students are only required to pay for the number of lessons they sign up for. If the students take the minimum of 4 lessons, they get to keep their preferred time spots in fall when most students are returning to school.

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