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What Technology can I use in the piano class?

In the modern world, technology is everywhere. Online resources are free and available for all learners to use. Students nowadays are very comfortable in using technology at home, and at school. What about in a music class, or a private piano lesson, what technology can I use?

1. YouTube

YouTube has a lot of playing along drum tracks, chord charts for students to play along. My teenage students have a lot of fun playing their favorite music with their favorite singers. You can also install Transpose extension in the Chrome to change any song into the key that you like.

2. GarageBand

In my group piano class, I have students do keyboard on Garage Gand as a group before I split them out to their individual keyboard. I love to screencast my GarageBand to the board and explain to my students how they can find notes, do chord, do recording with GarageBand. They can record themselves playing the piano and find an Apple loop that goes with it. They can organize their piece into different sections and arrange them to make it sounds like a new song.

3. Flipgrid

Students love to record themselves. Flipgrid is a wonderful tool which allow students to record themselves playing the instrument, talk about the piece and share with their classmates. It provides a great opportunity for students to share, critique each other's performance.

4. Piano Maestro

This application is like a game for students. Students get to sight read and learn to play piano without even knowing. I love the immediate feedbacks from the app that make students want to correct themselves and do better to score higher points.

5. Flash note Derby

This application is like a game for students as well. With this app, students can earn to read accurately and faster. It allows students to choose different game settings, clef and speed.

6. Tomplay

This application allows students to play piano with the orchestra. It has wide variety of music in the library, ranging from popular music to classical music. Playing with the orchestra gives students a little bit more motivation to practice and have fun in playing piano.

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